"I am excited to announce the release of my latest book, "More Than A Mentor". This book explores the relationship between spiritual mothers and fathers and their sons and daughters. In this text, you'll find the definition of Spiritual Covering, as well as the differences between spiritual leadership and fleshly loyalty. Together we'll explore the difference between healthy spiritual relationships and down right spiritual abuse with sections like “The Daddy Wound”, “The Prodigal”, “The Orphan”, “The Father’s Honor”, and “Bring Me My Coat”. At just 100 pages, this book is meant to be a thought-provoking, but easy read. This book will help the pulpit and the pew get all that God wants us to have out of authentic, healthy, Godly relationships."


There seems to be a tendency in many Christian contexts to abandon doctrines that have been abused. However, I would contend that you don’t correct wrong teaching by non-teaching. You correct it by right teaching. I believe this is the heart of this book by Bishop Randy Borders. He  takes an often abandoned New Testament concept; spiritual parenting, and passionately and soundly highlights the importance of being raised to maturity in the faith. 

Dr. Dharius Daniels

Lead Pastor, Change Church

Author, RePresent Jesus

The words that Randy Borders speaks are not contrived merely from reading and observing. God has raised him up as a father in the kingdom and graced him to serve churches and pastors across the length and breadth of this country.


Clarence E. McClendon

Senior Pastor, The Place of Grace

Los Angeles, CA

Author, Beyond Personal Power

Bishop Randy Borders is one of the greatest thinkers of his generation. God has illuminated him with wisdom on an array of Kingdom topics. His insights are inspiring and his challenge firm so that the best of sons will get the most from their relationship with their spiritual fathers.


Bishop Terrell Fletcher

Senior Pastor, City of Hope International Church 

San Diego, CA

Author, The Book of You

The chasm between instruction and identity is bridged by the relationship of father & son. Telling someone what to do is different than telling them who they are. I’m grateful for the insights that Bishop Randy Borders shares in this “modern manual” for discovering the proper definition and balance between fathers and mentors.


L. Spenser Smith

Senior Pastor, Impact Nation Fellowship Church

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Author, Getting Ready for Love

With fresh insight and the pen of a ready writer, Bishop Randy Borders reveals the heart of God as a good Father and the valid priority for spiritual father-son relationships in the Kingdom of God. 

Bishop Kenneth Yelverton, D. Min.

Senior Pastor, The Temple of Refuge

Charlotte, NC.

Author, Sex and The Kingdom


This clarity concerning the spiritual parent-spiritual child relationship comes from the authentic experiences of one who has been both faithful son and loving father. Hence, Bishop Borders is legitimately qualified to offer such sage advice on this subject.


John R. Faison, Sr.

Senior Pastor, Watson Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Nashville, TN

More than a Mentor by Bishop Borders is a recommended authentic product which reflects the personal journey he has willingly traveled. His humility is the “hidden in plain sight “ backdrop for a bold description of the responsibilities to be placed squarely on the shoulders of both mentor and mentee.


Dr. Cynthia Rembert James 

The Potter’s House, Dallas, TX

Author, The Anointing

This book is for thinkers and feelers. It’s difficult to heal what we can’t feel. You can feel his words and they are anointed to heal. I highly recommend this concise, incise, and precise penning as an antidote to what plagues society and the Church.


Bishop Brian Keith Williams

Brian Keith Williams Ministries, Orlando Florida

More Than a Mentor, helps to bring the essence of what true fathering is back to the forefront. Thank you, Bishop Borders, for sharing with the world the gift and treasure of your wisdom, insight, and grace that I have had the honor of experiencing first hand for the last 20 years!


Mitchel D. Blue

Senior Pastor, UnCommon Church

Charlotte NC